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Adobe Lightroom Classic is a powerful Photo Management tool that makes digital photography easier and more creative. Learn the essentials of Lightroom Classic in our practical one day workshop that provides you with a basic overview of Adobe Lightroom along with tips and guidelines to improve your entire digital image workflow. We introduce you to Lightroom’s fundamental features and how to get the most out of it.

We will take you through the steps of applying the most common photographic edits that will make your images pop and come to life. There will even be plenty of time to process & edit some of your own images.

Getting Started with Lightroom Classic:

Lightroom Fundamentals

  • Defining non destructive editing
  • The Lightroom Catalogue
  • The Lightroom Interface
  • Overview of Lightroom Modules
  • The importance of shooting in RAW
  • Why the image on the camera LCD looks different

Library Module

  • Importing your images
  • Organising and naming
  • Meta-data and Keywords
  • Backing up your images and catalogue
  • Grid and Loupe views
  • Sorting and Selecting your images
  • Basic Collections

Develop Module

  • Reading the Histogram
  • Cropping, Straightening & Aspect Ratios
  • White balance
  • Tones & Exposure
  • Basic Tone Curve adjustment
  • Clarity, Vibrance & Saturation
  • Sharpening & Noise Reduction
  • Spot removal – Cloning & Healing
  • Advanced adjustment overview


Students must have a fundamental understanding of the laptop they are bringing along.
Whilst the instructor is happy to assist with post processing related questions, they will not be able to troubleshoot individual laptop issues.

Class size will be between 4-6 students

You will need to bring your own laptop (PC or Mac) with Lightroom installed. If you do not have Lightroom, you can download a free trial version before attending the workshop.

Please also ensure your bring your power supply. A mouse is highly recommended. A note book may also be useful. 

We will provide you with images to work on in the course, though you are welcome to bring your own.

Tea, coffee and snacks


Please feel free to contact me or phone me on 0448455115 for more information about the workshops.


Review Day 2 Contents – Creative Photo Editing

Book the 2-Day Adobe Lightroom Classic workshop. Nov 9 & 10 2019


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