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Manage & Edit Your Images Like a Pro

Whether you’re an amateur photographer or a serious enthusiast, our range of Lightroom workshops can give you the skills required to develop your own digital workflow. Learn to manage your image library, edit your images and produce stunning prints and other various outputs to showcase your photos.

We combine presentations, demonstrations, and hands on practical exercises to provide a balanced and effective learning experience.

Our range of workshops have been designed to cater for the various needs of photographers, from introductory workshops for newcomers to our advanced workshops for those wishing to develop a full understanding of what this comprehensive software can offer.



Getting Started with Lightroom
The Lightroom Essentials Workshop introduces you to Lightroom’s fundamental features and how to get the most out of them. Lightroom will enable you to effortlessly keep track of all your images (regardless of where you’ve saved them on all your hard drives), edit your images and produce stunning output such as a quality print. 

This is a great place to start if you are just looking to use Lightroom to edit your images or if you wish to have an overview of all that Lightroom has to offer. 

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Using the Full Power of Lightroom
In the Lightroom Advanced Workshop we take our knowledge of Lightroom to the next level, exploring advanced techniques for managing your images as well as photo editing skills that move beyond the basics. In addition we will cover how to produce stunning output with your images that includes fine art prints, slideshows and beautiful photo books.

This workshop is ideal for those who are already comfortable working in Lightroom and wants to understand the full power and capabilities that Lightroom has to offer.

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Beyond Lightroom
In the Photoshop for Lightroom Users workshop we will continue to use Lightroom to manage our post processing workflow but will show you how to use Lightroom’s tight integration with Photoshop to access it’s powerful retouching tools in situations where you want to do something that simply can’t be done in Lightroom.

In addition to covering the fundamentals of Photoshop required by photographers we will explore a range of situations where you will be required to move the image from Lightroom to Photoshop to put the final touches on you image.

Click on Photoshop for Lightroom for the workshop details & dates.



The Final Chapter in our Lightroom Journey 

It just seems we never have enough time to go through the Lightroom Output Modules in detail during the other workshops, so it was about time they had a workshop of their own. This workshop covers the Print, Slideshow and Print modules in detail and also reviews the Export process as well. 

This workshop is ideal for those that have at least completed the Lightroom Essentials Workshop or have a good fundamental knowledge of Lightroom and are looking to learn how to get your finished images out of Lightroom and bring them to life. 
Click on Producing Great Output in Lightroom for the workshop details & dates


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