Advanced Flash Photography


Learn To Create Interesting Light & Interesting Shadows

The secret of taking great quality, natural looking images using flash is all about creating interesting light with interesting shadows. Having the flash mounted directly to the camera limits the creative capability of what we can accomplish with flash, so this Advanced Flash Photography workshop is all about getting the flash off the camera.

Once we have a grasp of the fundamentals of off camera flash we will introduce multiple flash units into the mix, expanding our creative opportunity.

The next step of our advanced flash journey is in learn to modify the light from our flash units using a variety of tools including, reflective and shoot through umbrellas, soft boxes, scrims, shoots, barn doors and gobos.

The afternoon session will focus on the practical application of the skills taught in the morning session as we use a single off camera flash to create the various classic portrait lighting methods as we begin our journey into portrait lighting. From here we will take our portraits to the next level as we introduce multiple flash techniques using key, fill and rim lighting to light our model.

As with all of The Complete Pixel workshops we will develop and consolidate our skills with multiple practical shooting exercises to ensure you have a sound working knowledge of the material covered. Our session ends with each person having the opportunity to photograph portraits of our professional model using multiple flash units.


Getting your flash off of the camera

  • Learn to use wireless flash techniques to get your flash off of the camera to increase the range of creative opportunity. We will explore radio and optical wireless operation. 

Using diffusers and light modifiers

  • Explore the range of diffuser and light modifies used to shape and control our light. This includes, reflective and shoot through umbrellas, soft boxes, shoots, barn doors and gobos

Using multiple flash units

  • In this section we will learn about flash ratios and using multiple flash units to  compliment one another and produce the lighting required to create stunning portraits. We will cover main, fill and rim lighting techniques.

Traditional portrait lighting techniques.

  • Learn to use the traditional portrait lighting techniques including broad and short lighting as well as rembrandt, loop and butterfly to name a few.  

Putting it all together

  • In this session we will bring all of our practical knowledge together as we set up a studio environment and use our new skills to capture our model in a variety of lighting setups.




Advanced Flash Photography – $245

All workshop fees are due in full at the time of booking. please review our Terms and Conditions for our complete policy on cancellations and refunds.



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You will get the most from this workshop if you are familiar with your camera’s basic operations, including the adjustment of the aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings.

Know how to use the camera’s various metering modes and if necessary take the time to review these things prior to the workshop.

Class size will be between 4-6 students in order to make sure the instructor is able to give the appropriate level of support to all those attending.

Bring your camera and your external flash unit. Remember to charge the batteries and bring along spare batteries if you have them.

As the instructor cannot be well versed in all manufactures types of flash units, it is highly recommend that you bring your flash manual along to the workshop.

Tea, coffee and snacks




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