Flash Photography Workshops

Learn to Use Your Flash to Create Beautiful Light

Flash photography is all about creating your own light in any given situation or simply using it as a creative tool that can supplement the existing light in a scene.  Today’s flash units are so technically advanced that even the most seasoned photographer can find them intimidating, but understanding how flash works can introduce a whole new dimension to your photography.

Flash photography is much easier than you would expect once you have obtained an understanding of the basic theory and the role of each of the flash unit’s functions.

Our range of Flash Photography workshops and practical shoots are designed to give you the fundamental and advanced skills to take control of your flash and take control of how a scene is lit.



Shooting with flash can be intimidating. Todays flash units are very sophisticated electronic devices with numerous features and capabilities. However, with an understanding of the terminology and the amazing features of todays flash units your flash can quickly become an invaluable tool that can open a whole new world of creative photography.

In this one day Flash Photography Basics workshop we will take a step by step approach to demystifying the flash. We will begin by looking at the fundamental principles of light and how it behaves followed by an in-depth look at the various features of your flash unit.

This workshop focuses on mastering the features of your flash unit and the art of on-camera flash in a variety of indoor and outdoor situations. Click on Flash Basics for workshop details & dates.



Once you have mastered the fundamentals of flash in our Flash Photography Basics workshop you will be ready to take on the more advanced flash photography techniques including; off-camera flash, wireless flash and using multiple flash units to create the lighting and more importantly, the shadows to create stunning images.

In addition we will explore a range of tools and equipment to enhance your flash photography including umbrellas, soft boxes, barn doors and gobos to name a few.

To bring it all together the afternoon session of this workshop is focused on understanding a number of traditional portrait lighting techniques. Click on Advanced Flash for workshop details and dates.



Why not put all your new flash photography skills to practice in one of our regular location and studio shoots?

Its a great opportunity to gain more confidence while building a beautiful portfolio.  – Read more.


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