Workshops Dancers in Motion - Studio Workshop Sat. 13th July 2019 Appin NSW

Dancers in Motion - Studio Workshop

Dancers in Motion - Studio Workshop

Dancers in Motion - Studio Workshop

Sat. 13th July 2019 Appin NSW
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Photographing the beauty and emotion of Dancers in Motion can be challenging but at the same time produce images that are simply captivating.

This one-day workshop is aimed at mastering rear-curtain flash synchronisation techniques to capture the emotive & artist genre of dancers in motion.

Our session will begin with a brief presentation of rear curtain flash synchronisation, the required camera settings and how to set up the studio lighting.

We will also cover how to best focus on our dancers, anticipate their movements and master the timing of the shutter release.

After a short break, we will put all of the newly acquired knowledge to practice as we begin to photograph our dancers in a variety of dance movements and costumes.

Each photographer will have the opportunity to direct the dancers individually and control the action as you create the images you envision.

A fundamental understanding of your basic camera adjustments is required for this workshop. 

Take time to understand where your 2nd Curtain Sync settings are. 

Class size will be between 4-6 students. We limit our class sizes to create a more individual learning environment.


A digital SLR with interchangeable lenses is a plus but not a necessity. The bare minimum is a camera that can has manual and aperture priority exposure settings. Make sure your batteries are charged!

You will require a flash unit to trigger the studio lighting 

Tea, coffee and snacks


You will need to bring your flash unit to control the studio flash units used in this workshop

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