Studio & Location Photo Shoots


Develop Your Photography Skills While Building a Stunning Portfolio

Whether your looking to further enhance the photography skills you have learned in one of our photography workshops or you are just looking to enhance your portfolio with stunning portraits, our Studio and Location Photo Shoots will develop your technical and conceptual knowledge and take your portrait photography to the next level.

Join us either in the studio or on-location for an action packed session, where you’re certain to learn valuable new skills, be inspired, all while having a bit of fun. Our photo shoots are facilitated rather than taught, once we get passed the initial set up and basic instructions you will control the action. You will have the opportunity to work with the lighting, build a lighting set up, use reflectors and pose the model. Of course, our instructor will be there to answer any questions and provide guidance where required.

A professional model is provided for all of our photo shoot sessions so you can gain confidence in posing and directing your subjects while seeing first hand the effect of the lighting set ups on our model. Our hands-on photo shoots are designed to develop your ability to work with your portrait subjects and to use both natural and flash lighting to create beautiful portraits.

You will leave our shoots feeling enthusiastic and inspired to approach your portrait photography with new confidence.

Ideal for photographers that are looking to:

  • Build your portfolio with stunning images
  • Gain confidence and experience in directing and posing your subjects
  • Working with experienced and inexperienced models
  • Develop advanced photography skills
  • Acquire knowledge in working with studio & natural lighting
  • Learn to use light to create moods
  • Or simply if your just interested in exploring portrait photography


All workshop fees are due in full at the time of booking. please review our Terms and Conditions  for our complete policy on cancellations and refunds.



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You will get the most from this workshop if you are familiar with your cameras basic operations, including the adjustment of the aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings.

Know how to use the cameras various metering modes and if necessary take the time to review these things prior to the workshop.

These shoots are designed to consolidate the material taught in all of our Photography Workshops, specifically the Basic and Advanced Flash Workshops. Attending one of these courses prior to attending a shoot is recommended but not required.

Class size will be between 4-6 students in order to make sure the instructor is able to give the appropriate level of support to all those attending.


  • Your DLSR and manual – remember to charge those batteries!
  • A lens that covers a focal length in the range of 50mm up to 200mm e.g.. 50-200mm kit lens, 70-200 lens or a 24-70mm lens
  • Any props that you might like to bring along that may fit the genre of the shoot. ( We will communicate the theme prior to the day of the shoot)
  • Your speedlight (highly recommended for the Location Shoots)

Tea, coffee and snacks


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