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Throughout my photographic journey I have been privileged to work with people and organisations that are dedicated to the craft of educating and inspiring photographers. I am happy to endorse the following people and organisations that I currently enjoy a close working relationship with. I feel it is important to have a variety of mentors to cover the large variety of genres and styles that modern day photography has to offer. 



STORY ART – Karen Alsop

karen-alsopKaren Alsop is an internationally award winning Australian, Melbourne based photographic digital artist. Expanding on two decades of photographic and graphic design experience, Karen brings photography and art together to create stunning artworks that tell a story and take the viewer into another world. Specializing in Portrait Art, her digital portraiture captures the personality and character of her subjects by placing them within a visual story highlighting their interests. Karen uses the power of Photoshop to composite multiple captures together, making the impossible possible within her art. Karen’s latest project sees her using her compositing skills to give children with severe disabilities the wings to fly. The Heart Project, a joint partnership between Story Art and Adobe is bringing hope worldwide to children and families through the power of photography. 

I have participated in two Story Art Workshops & four workshops with The heART Project which have not only made me a better photographer and digital artist but a better person as well. In additional to her incredible workshops, Karen also runs a web based site for her on-line tutorials. Her tutorials not only focus on basic photoshop skills and compositing techniques, but also covers many topics on how to manage and market your own photography business. The Story Art Education site features a number of free tutorials as well as a members area which provides access to all of the Story Art tutorials and other compositing tools such as brushes and textures. 

I know it’s sounds a little cliche, but my involvement with Karen, Story Art and The heART Project has truly taken my photography to the next level! 

Please have a look at Karen’s web page, her wonderful work and truly inspirational tutorials. 




the-aperture-clubThe Aperture Club runs photography workshops and tours that allow you to develop your creativity, with like-minded people. Our workshop are run around Chippendale, Newtown, Circular Quay and other well kept secret locations around Sydney. We believe that experimenting and playing with your camera will enable you to master it quicker than studying books or trawling the internet watching videos. Our workshops are designed to give you the mindset which will open up your creativity and inspire you to use your camera. 



I have been facilitating Lightroom Workshops for The Aperture Club since late 2015 and have thoroughly enjoyed my association with them. They offer a range workshops that are also quite complimentary to what we currently offer at The Complete Pixel. This includes; Photo/Walking Safaris, Fundamental Workshops for Beginners, Creative Workshops that includes Street & Portrait Photography. Of course they also offer the range of Lightroom workshops facilitated by Brian Bird. In addition The Aperture Club is beginning to offer a range of wonderful photography tours. 




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