Flash Photography Basics


Learn the Flash Photography Basics & On-Camera Flash

Learn the essentials of Flash Photography on our 1 day Flash Photography Basics workshop. In addition to learning about the basic characteristics of light and how it behaves, you will learn everything you need to know about external flashes and how they work. The day will start with a presentation going over the technical aspects of flash photography, covering all of the fundamental features available in todays flash units, determining what features are available on your flash unit as well as ensuring you know how to turn on, configure and use those features.

Throughout this presentation phase of the workshop we will use our cameras and flash to demonstrate each of the features so you gain a sound understanding of their use and application.

Much of the afternoon of the workshop will be with your camera in your hands – shooting indoors and outdoors, we get to reinforce the information presented during the seminar portions.

There will be a model on hand during the afternoon photo session, and each attendee will be given the opportunity to reinforce the information and techniques covered.

Several different lighting situations will be set up and each participant will get to practice the concepts we covered in the morning. For the on-location part of the workshop, we’ll find interesting backgrounds and set-ups, and use and practice what we had learnt.




  • Understanding the basic characteristics of light
  • A tour of the modern flash unit
  • An overview of Guide Numbers and output power
  • Ambient light vs. Flash
  • TTL/Auto Flash
  • Manual Flash
  • Auto flash vs. Manual Flash
  • Fill Flash
  • Maximum flash sync speed
  • High-speed flash sync
  • 1st & 2nd Shutter Curtains
  • Flash Exposure Compensation
  • Flash Exposure Lock
  • Directional Bounce Flash



Flash Photography Basics – $245

All workshop fees are due in full at the time of booking. please review our Terms and Conditions for our complete policy on cancellations and refunds.



Dates & Location Workshop Price Book
Saturday 6th May- Oran Park NSW (9:30 - 4:30) Flash Photography Basics $245 BOOK NOW

Dates & Location Workshop Price Book
Saturday 12 Aug- Camden NSW (9:30 - 4:30) Flash Photography Basics $245 BOOK NOW

Dates & Location Workshop Price Book
Saturday 2nd Dec - Camden NSW (9:30 - 4:30) Flash Photography Basics $245 BOOK NOW

You will get the most from this workshop if you are familiar with your cameras basic operations, including the adjustment of the aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings.

Know how to use the cameras various metering modes and if necessary take the time to review these things prior to the workshop.

Class size will be between 4-6 students in order to make sure the instructor is able to give the appropriate level of support to all those attending.

Bring your camera and your external flash unit. Remember to charge the batteries and bring along spare batteries if you have them.

As the instructor cannot be well versed in all manufacturers types of flash units, it is highly recommend that you bring your flash manual along to the workshop.

Tea, coffee and snacks




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